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About Garcia's Wood Savers LLC

Our company is one of many choices offering painting and remodeling services, so why should you choose us over the rest? Garcia's Wood Saver LLC is a family own business that uses top quality materials, premium paint and properly prepares your property for painting and remodeling because proper preparation is the KEY to a well-done job. 

painting and remodeling of a kitchen

Our Process

We strive to provide honest, reliable, residential and commercial panting and remodeling services that stand head and shoulders above any other company.  
Our highly trained and experienced staff will work with you throughout the process, from providing an original free estimate to leaving your property with a better and professional look.

estimate plan

Free estimates

From the moment you contact us our professionals will work with your schedule to provide the best consult time around your schedule. Once we get a estimate of your dream project we get to work!

preparing the jobsite

Our professionals are trained to protect your assets by completely covering them from our pathway from dust, residue, and scratches from the area we will be working on. this process is started before the beginning of your project.

Professionals at work!

Once your assets are protected, Our professionals begin to work by paying attention from the smallest detail to the biggest to ensure that your project is being done properly and professionally.

The Finishing

Our priority is to provide the best top professional service. Therefore at the end, our professionals inspect from top to bottom to make sure your project is at the top quality. followed by an inspection with you!

Our Quality Guarantee

Our job is not done until our customers are satisfied with our service, plain and simple. We will not assume you're happy with our service – we will ask you. With Garcia's Wood Saver Every painting job ends with a final inspection by you, our customer. 

Tell us about your project today.

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